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The Hindu Nair Bride's

The most popular ornaments in a well-to-do Nair girl's aamaadapetti (the traditional name for jewel box), had jewellery for every part of her body. Earrings, necklaces, long neck chains, armlets, wristlets, finger rings, waist lets, nose rings, anklets- every kind of jewel art was featured in gold, silver and precious stones. Most popular among them are usually, neck ornaments like the Kantasaaram, Naalupanti, Addiyaal, Ponnu-Nool, Naagapadam (the most prized jewel of a Nair lady), Arimbu Mani, Jnali Kuzhal, Minnum Maniyum, Arasilla Thali, Pachakkal Thali, Kasu Mala, Kuzhal Mala, Rasi Thali, Padakka Thali, Maanga Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Gaja Mala, Elekka Thali etc. For the nose, stud or rings called Mookuthis were worn set with ruby or diamond generally. For the arms, bangles such as Kattikappu, Simha Kada , Ashtalakshmi Vala etc. were worn. For the waist, ornament known as Oddiyanam were worn. Young girls wore ornaments even on their feet, anklets known as Thala or Padaswaram. The Nair ladies extended their ear lobes and the popular ornament which were worn in the ears were a type of two lipped biconvex disc considered more fashionable, known as the Toda. Jhimiki too were a popular ornament. Richly stone crusted armlets and rings like Pavithrakkettu ring were also very popular. Rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls topped the list of choice of precious stones.

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