Malabar Gold & Diamonds has always been a connoisseur of great weddings and long lasting relationships, ever since its inception. So, when time came to lookback into our history, we did not see our own history to the fore alone. We saw all the cultural expressions were wrought in 916 carat gold Jewellery. And thus was born the seeds of thought to cover all the hues, colours, flavors and essences of the most colourful festival, Wedding. A festival of love, a lifetime of commitment, devotion and a celebration of continuity in life. When it comes to weddings in India, we are strong in our faith. It is a once-in-a-lifetime affair that link us to our glorious yesterdays, resplendent todays and promising tomorrows to come , that begins with a ring, chain, vows exchanged on a mere glimpse into veiled mirrors. Weddings here, in India, are celebrated, under most colourful shamayanas, mandaps, homes, churches, or in temples with natural elements as the sacred witness. The vows here are more sacred and rigorously honoured than anywhere else. The Turmeric and the Vermillion, the Sandalwood Paste, the Rose Essence, the Mangalsuthra, and the idea of Holy Matrimony transcend all boundaries. An idea of a lifetime of love. Of shared joys and sorrows. Of beautiful girls who reinforce our faiths each time they are a Bride…Malabar Gold & Diamonds salutes the Brides of India. These pages delve into different weddings, with as many cultures, as many expressions, faiths and beliefs, all donned in one emotion.